NeSI and Genomics Aotearoa rolling out new bioinformatics and genomics training opportunities

NeSI is pleased to be partnering with Genomics Aotearoa to deliver the following bioinformatics and genomics training opportunities for New Zealand researchers: 

Genomics Data Carpentry Workshop

16-17 March 2021

Genomics Aotearoa and NeSI will be running an online Data Carpentry Workshop March 16-17. It will be focused on genomics and introduce researchers to basic concepts, skills and tools for working with genomic data. The Variant Calling Workflow will be used as an example to learn the concepts of read quality assessment, trimming and filtering reads, mapping and calling variants. Participants will also learn project organization and management, introduction to the command line and introduction to working with high performance computers (HPCs). NeSI's HPC platform will be used for the workshop.

Registrations close on March 9 - click here to secure your spot
For more information, visit the workshop website or email questions to


Hi-C Workshop (new date!)

25-26 March 2021

Genomics Aotearoa’s High Quality Genome and Population Genomics project, with the support of NeSI, will be running an in person Hi-C workshop on March 25 -26 in Auckland. This event was postponed following the February Covid-19 lockdown in Auckland. 

The workshop will cover:

  • Hi-C theoretical aspects (talks from experts and round-table discussions)
  • Bioinformatics practical sessions about genome assembly and scaffolding, structural variants detection, metagenomes analysis, 3D chromosomal domains, phasing and haplotyping.
  • Also, there will be a hands-on wet lab session (spaces very limited).

There are currently a few vacancies left. If you are interested in attending, email Genomics Aotearoa Training Coordinator Ngoni Faya as soon as possible.


Genomics training calendar

A new repo on Genomics Aotearoa’s GitHub page called Workshops NZ aims to be a home base for sharing information about bioinformatics upskilling events and genomics workshops in New Zealand. All workshop organisers/instructors are invited to put their workshop details on the page to help Genomics Aotearoa and NeSI build an active and centralised workshop information centre. For more information, get in touch with NeSI Research Communities Advisor Megan Guidry ( or Genomics Aotearoa Training Coordinator Ngoni Faya (