NeSI Research Spotlight Webinars - new recordings available

Two new Research Spotlight recordings have been added to NeSI's YouTube Channel for viewing. These webinars were originally delivered as part of a series focusing on the interesting and innovative work being done by NeSI users. 

Modelling gene regulatory networks via high performance computing


Massey University PhD student Olivia Angelin-Bonnet's research focuses on how to decipher genotype-phenotype interactions through regulatory networks using multi-omics data. In this Spotlight webinar, she spoke about simulating gene regulatory networks, using R and Julia, to assess the performance of network inference reconstruction methods. Specifically, Olivia explained:

  • What regulatory networks are and why/how they are reconstructed from biological data,
  • why simulations are valuable in systems biology,
  • how to link R and Julia, and
  • how using NeSI platforms and services was necessary for Olivia to take her research to the next level

Click here to watch the recording

Click here to view/ download the slides


From Cells to Clouds -- Fluid Mechanics at Scale


John Cater is a member of the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Auckland, where he teaches applied mathematics and computational mechanics. John has a wide range of research interests spanning from the mechanics of the tiny (micron-sized capillaries) to the huge (atmospheric vortices that are kilometres high), and spoke about using NeSI computing resources to solve problems in fluid dynamics, from sheep stomachs to spaceships. Specifically, John explained:

  • The computational challenges of solving problems in acoustics and fluid motion;
  • Current approaches for obtaining useful solutions to these problems on human (and grant funding) timescales, and some examples; and
  • Where to next for computational fluid mechanics?

Click here to watch the recording.


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