Webinar Recording Available– Genomics workflows: How CWL can streamline your research

On 26 March, 2020, ESR researcher Joep de Ligt collaborated with NeSI to deliver a training webinar on genomics workflows. He summarised the benefits of adopting a workflow practice and demonstrated what an effective CWL (Common Workflow Language) workflow can look like. Attendees learned how workflows can help with: 

  • Generating reusable code (a great time-saver for your future-self!), 
  • Using resources more effectively (such as HPC platforms), and 
  • Creating work that is reproducible

For those of you who were not able to attend the session live or who want to revisit the content, the webinar recording and hackpad can be found below:

To view the webinar recording click here

To view the webianr teaching material click here