New nodes added to NeSI HPC platform will better support users with high-memory demands

NeSI has enhanced its High Performance Computing (HPC) platform to better support users running simulations with high memory demands. 

Two “large memory” nodes with 1536 gigabytes of memory, along with one “huge memory” node with 6144 gigabytes have been added to the platform. The new large and huge memory nodes will enable more complex simulations because of the larger memory available, and will also offer increased performance since the memory speed is faster and the processors in the new nodes are based on a newer generation of Intel technology.

Documentation, user training, and more information on these new resources will be shared in early January 2020.

The new nodes complement NeSI's original set of large memory nodes (16 nodes with 512 gigabytes) and the original huge memory node (with 4096 gigabytes), which remain active and accessible. 

NeSI Maui Mahuika HPC facility