Webinar recording available "High performance modelling -- One researcher’s journey"

NeSI held its last webinar of the 'Quick Tips' webinar series this week. Here, NIWA researcher Dr. Cyprien Bosserelle talked about the development of his inundation model and his journey predicting and visualising inundation (flood) patterns using NeSI’s HPC Platform.  These visualisations often play an important role in hazard assessments and forecasting, but can be challenging to generate with traditional software. To overcome the challenge, Cyprien worked with NeSI’s Computational Science team to create a more rapid rendering of model variables and, ultimately, achieve better visualisations.

Following Cyprien, Chris Scott from NeSI's Computational Science team discussed the many forms a NeSI-researcher collaboration can take. He highlighted the fact that, for many researchers in NZ, collaborating with NeSI is free meaning you may be eligible to get help with code optimisation, parallelisation, porting to GPUs, or custom code development at no cost to you or your institution. 

To watch the webinar in full, check out the recording here

Or for more information about NeSI collaborations (aka consultancy projects) and whether you are eligible, click here.

At NeSI we send our sincerest gratitude to all those who have attended or contributed to the 'Quick Tips' webinar series.  It was a community effort to run these workshops and we do plan on having more in the new year (stay tuned).