Webinar recording available: NeSI National Data Transfer Platform— Globus Webinar II

On Wednesday, September 11th NeSI hosted its second Webinar of the 'Quick Tips' webinar series.  This time, attendees learned more about NeSI's national Data Transfer Platform, a service delivered in partnership with Globus and via NZ's national advanced network provider, REANNZ.  It carried on from NeSI's first Globus webinar delivered back in May.

Specifically, the webinar covered how to use Globus — a secure, reliable research data management tool — to:

  • Share your research data with individuals,
  • Create a group to share data with the group’s members, and
  • Create personal endpoints for downloading data to your laptop

Anyone can rewatch the webinar or view the presented slides by going to the links below:

For specific questions about the presentation, please email brian.flaherty@nesi.org.nz and for information on NeSI's other webinars in 2019 click here.