Pre-register for user training on our new platforms

In preparation for helping users get started on Mahuika and Maui, NeSI will host a series of training sessions. These will likely happen in July.

To help us plan the number and locations of these sessions, we're polling interest from the user community.

Click here to pre-register 

We will notify you when the dates and times are confirmed.

Session Details:

These sessions will be introductory and cover the basics of getting started. New users are strongly encouraged to attend!

Example topics include:

  • Important changes from the old platforms
  • Accessing the machines
  • Data transfer and file systems
  • Finding installed software
  • Submitting jobs with Slurm
  • Building code

These training materials will also be documented and available on Github for reference and self-serve support.

Further details on the provisional training curriculum can be found here. If you have questions about user training, please email