Feedback Wanted: Where should we host eResearch NZ 2019?

In 2019, the eResearch NZ conference series will celebrate its tenth year of supporting the national community of eResearch practitioners and end users. This is a wonderful milestone and raises a key question.... where to next?

Over the last nine years, NeSI and REANNZ have co-hosted the event at various locations around the country. The first five years saw us visit Auckland, Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch, and Hamilton. The last four years we’ve been located in Queenstown.   

Since shifting to a single location, we’ve seen a significant rise in attendance levels, and in overseas participation and repeat attendance -  we’re sure the views have nothing to do with this! This year’s event - The eResearch Outlook: Impact, Sustainability and Excellence - drew speakers and attendees from across New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, and North America.

However there are concerns that Queenstown is expensive, especially when accommodation is booked close to the conference date. We appreciate plans can’t always be confirmed in advance. We’ve also lost some of the local exposure and engagement offered by moving between centres.

So, before we confirm when and where we’ll hold the 10th eResearch NZ in 2019, we’d like to hear from previous attendees and those who might join us in the future. 

We have one burning question for you - let us know: where to next?

Attendees from the Science Coding Conference, 2017