2017 Science Coding Conference



The 2017 Science Coding Conference will be held from Tuesday August 1 to Wednesday August 2 at the Massey University Campus in central Wellington.

For 2017, we have changed the name from CRI Coding Conference to Science Coding Conference (SciCo!) to reflect the broadening audience of this event.

This event is for anyone involved in the programming side of NZ research. We encourage all research software engineers, IT managers, researchers and operational software developers from NZ Crown Research Institutes, universities and other public sector organisations to attend the conference.

The Science Coding Conference is a bridge between different communities and stakeholders working within the same ecosystem.

The call for submissions is now open and we welcome presentations on a variety of topics, including:

  • software tools and solutions for research; this stream covers any bespoke or off-the-shelf software tools essential for conducting research across domains.
  • best practices for research software engineering; this stream covers discussions on methodologies and approaches to software engineering in research setting, understanding the particular context of developing research-driven software and its impact on best practices.
  • building sustainable and performant code for production systems; this stream covers approaches and tools for sustainable software development in research setting, which can be then taken beyond the its experimental phase and used in production.data management and analytics solutions; this stream covers wide range of topics related to research data, from policies on data management, sharing and archiving to data reporting.
  • visualisation and delivery systems; this stream covers computational tools and methodologies for visualizing and reporting research outputs.
  • workflow solutions for research; this stream covers building and maintaining computational research workflows, with focus on issues related to their sustainability, reproducibility and robustness.
  • community and training approaches and programmes. This stream covers activities focusing on community building and development, training in computational lab skills for research and data management skills.

Check out our events page for more information and links to register.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Wellington for SciCo 2017!