CRI Coding Conference 2016



Software development is fundamental to a plethora of research endeavours these days, including at New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes (CRIs). However, those writing the codes don’t often get the opportunity to ‘talk shop’ with people outside of their own organisation.

NeSI and Science NZ are excited to bring you the CRI Coding Conference 2016. Running from August 2 to 3 at NIWA's head office in Auckland, this two-day workshop is an opportunity for developers from across all the CRIs in New Zealand to engage with their peers, share ideas, challenges and opportunities, and learn about the technology landscapes being adopted by other CRIs.

This conference is for you if you work for or study at a CRI and describe yourself as any of the following (or something similar):

  • Research Software Engineers
  • Those involved in change of systems
  • Software developers, programmers, systems analysts and testers
  • Data Scientists and Advanced Coders
  • Scientist who does a lot of coding for their research
  • Information Technology Staff supporting science
  • Scientific Enablers
  • ‘Pro’-Developers
  • Business Intelligence/Analytics
  • Management of any of the above

 Check out the programme, submit your presentation by July 15 and register to attend now!