NeSI extends HPC into the Cloud

Many New Zealand researchers are now dependent on advanced computing capabilities to achieve their research goals. Developing and sustaining these capabilities is a strategic priority for research intensive institutions. NeSI adapts advanced computing technologies to meet the varied needs of New Zealand’s research communities by providing essential research services and expertise that enable and empower research. Our purpose is to grow the computing capability of researchers to ensure New Zealand’s future prosperity.

NeSI's HPC Compute and Analytics service provides a key capability which includes high availability HPC platforms that in the future will provide seamless access to cloud compute capacity.

“NeSI is interested in learning how cloud compute capacity could, when needed, seamlessly support higher compute job throughput of a subset of compute jobs submitted to our clusters,” says Dr Michael Uddstrom, NeSI’s Platforms Manager.

During July 2015, NeSI issued a Request For Information (RFI) to inform our strategy on taking HPC into the Cloud, where our goal is to realise cost effective support for computation through seamless access to cloud infrastructure through NeSI's HPC service.