Call for HPC Access Proposals - May 2014

Researchers are invited to apply for access to NeSI's high performance computing facilities. The call is open now and runs until 16 May 2014.

Access to our HPC facilities is provided under allocation classes. Each allocation class is designed to meet the needs of a slightly different audience:

  • Proposal Development is for projects which formative or new. Use this allocation class to evaluate your software on NeSI’s facilities, gather preliminary results for a funding application and to assess which HPC facility suits your problem the best.
  • Postgraduate enables students to access the HPC facilities without needing to provide evidence of scientific merit for the project.
  • Research is for established research projects. Research groups are granted very large allocations to conduct their research and are eligble for in-depth, expert support from NeSI staff.


  • Visit /services/applyforaccess.
  • Log in. If you are new to NeSI, you will be invited to create a researcher profile.
  • Select the allocation class that applies to you.
  • Fill in and submit the form.

Who Can Access NeSI

NeSI's access policy is guided by the principle that access to NeSI is available all New Zealand researchers, irresepective of research discipline or institution.

Advice for researchers new to NeSI

The Proposal Development allocation class provides time at no cost on all of our facilities for getting evaluation and testing. NeSI provides a number of HPC facilities. Different problems perform differently on different machines. To get started on each of our facilities, talk to your project advisor once your application has been awarded.

We strongly recommend benchmarking on all of NeSI’s facilities. Understanding where your software runs fastest can greatly speed up your whole research programme.