Green light for postgraduates on NeSI supercomputers

NeSI has opened its doors for current New Zealand postgraduates to access its high performance computing facilities. From July, all current New Zealand postgraduate students are considered eligible to apply for a new Postgraduate allocation.

NeSI is a platform enabling innovation and leading edge discovery, and now supports New Zealand’s smartest students to access the best tools to carry out their research. With almost every field of research becoming increasingly computational, the next generation of scientists need to be equipped to deal with complicated or large problems by harnessing scientific computing.

What is available

Access to NeSI's HPC platforms, New Zealand's most powerful computers for scientific computing.


Researchers, including postgraduate students, have subsidised access to all HPC facilities. NeSI provides an 80% subsidy for all researchers. That is, the price you pay will be 20% of the figures listed within the access policy.

There are no costs for data transfer and working storage, or for support staff time.

Get Started

Describe your research project in an application, and NeSI will approve applications by current New Zealand postgraduate students within a week.

Connect with Us

We would love to hear your feedback on this decision and discuss how you can benefit. Feel free to chat with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or by email (