Webinar- Enhancing Code Reusability: Using Containers to port an Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Model on NeSI

Join us for a webinar where we will discover the world of coupled climate models and their pivotal role in forecasting climate responses to diverse forcing scenarios such as CO2 or temperature fluctuations. These intricate models integrate multiple components, each tailored to specific architectures and optimized for performance. However, transitioning these models to new platforms can be a daunting task due to custom-build systems and dependencies.

In this session, we will have three guest speakers unveiling their journey in porting a regional climate model designed for Antarctica from NeSI's Māui to the Mahuika platforms. Leveraging a container-based approach, they achieved a groundbreaking milestone: generating an executable capable of running seamlessly on any recent Linux operating system, without the need for modifications. By employing FAIR principles, containerisation was utilised to enhance the reusability of coupled atmosphere-ocean code. All that was required was the installation of Singularity or Apptainer on the target platform! 

On the day, our speakers Dr Alexandra Gossart (ASP/VUW), Dr Alena Malyarenko (ASP/UC) and Dr Alexander Pletzer (NeSI/NIWA) will take us through the intricacies of creating your containerized executable, empowering you to share and execute your models effortlessly, regardless of future software or hardware updates.This webinar will of interest to all NeSI researchers who want to run their executables on other platforms.


Brief Speaker Bio:

Dr Alexandra Gossart - Alex is a climate modeller at Victoria University of Wellington (Antarctic Research Centre) and The National Modelling Hub (Antarctic Science Platform).

Dr Alena Malyarenko - Alena is an ocean modeller at the University of Canterbury and The National Modelling Hub (Antarctic Science Platform).

Dr Alexander Pletzer - Alexander is a research software engineer helping New Zealand’s researchers run better and faster on NeSI platforms.

Event Date: 
Thursday, April 4, 2024 - 11:00 to 12:00