Webinar: Modelling gene regulatory networks via high performance computing

NeSI’s next research spotlight webinar comes from Massey University PhD student Olivia Angelin-Bonnet.  Olivia researches how to decipher genotype-phenotype interactions through regulatory networks using multi-omics data, and will speak about simulating gene regulatory networks, using R and Julia, to assess the performance of network inference reconstruction methods.  Specifically, Olivia will explain to attendees:

  • What regulatory networks are and why/how they are reconstructed from biological data,
  • why simulations are valuable in systems biology,
  • how to link R and Julia, and
  • how using NeSI platforms and services was necessary for Olivia to take her research to the next level

About the speaker 
I studied for my master degree in France (at INSA de Lyon), where I discovered the fields of bioinformatics and biostatistics. My formation was very multidisciplinary, at the interface between biology, statistics, modelling and programming. I became passionate about Systems Biology, mathematical modelling and the study of biological networks from a statistical and computational perspective. I am currently working on unravelling genotype-to-phenotype relationships from multi-omics data using causality inference methods, with a focus on polyploid organisms. I turned to NeSI to scale up my work with simulations.

Who is this webinar for?
This webinar is for researchers from all domains.  You do not need to know molecular biology or mathematical modelling to attend this webinar and we encourage non-computational scientists to listen in.  This webinar is a great introduction to how modelling and simulations can help answer important biological questions, and why high performance computing is essential for scaling up simulation-based projects.

No prerequisites required. 

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More Information
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Event Date: 
Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 12:00 to 13:00