Webinar: Make the most of your NeSI HPC allocation - tips for optimising job configuration and reducing your queue time

If effectively anticipating your job’s HPC resource requirements is a skill that you want to develop, come along to NeSI’s next “Quick Tips” webinar: How efficient is my job?  NeSI’s Anthony Shaw will demonstrate how you can easily monitor the efficiency of your HPC jobs, and why doing so could help you reduce your job’s queueing time. 

Come along to this free 1 hour webinar to discover: 

  • Which SLURM commands can help you view how efficiently your code ran (eg. sacct) 
  • What does an efficient job look like, and
  • How to improve your jobs efficiency

This webinar is for anyone working on NeSI, but is especially helpful for those looking to reduce the time their projects spend in the queue. (More efficient jobs will have less effect on your Fair Share score, resulting in shorter queue times)

Register for the webinar here. Or if you cannot attend the webinar in person, check NeSI’s youtube channel where we will be uploading the webinar recordings.


Event Date: 
Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 12:00 to 13:00