CUDA programming for physics, mathematics and engineering - Auckland, 22 May 2014

NeSI is hosting a workshop for researchers and scientists looking to make the most out of some of the specialist hardware available to them on NeSI's HPC platforms. Participants will be taken through a series of easy-to-understand examples, including N-body simulation and electromagnetic field modelling. A special focus will be to tailor the day towards researchers within physics, mathematics and engineering.

CUDA is a system for speeding up numerical computation. At its most basic, is programming language developed by NVIDIA for general purpose computing on their graphical processing units (GPUs). For the right problem domain, speedups can be 100x or greater. NeSI has several high-end GPUs that support CUDA. They enable computation over thousands of hardware threads concurrently.

The workshop will be facilitated with easy to read C++. Full source code will be made available to participants.

The workshop will also provide a number of tips that have proven useful for the research community generally, including drawing lessons from the field of software engineering.

About the presenter

John Rugis is an experienced researcher and teacher. He has particular interests in electomagnetic field modelling and scientific visualisation.

Intended audience

Experienced programmers, particularly those with access to the NeSI HPC facilities. We welcome participation from researchers at all institutions.


Event Location

Room 205, Owen Glenn G Building
Grafton Rd, Auckland


12 spaces available. Please contact John Rugis via

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 13:00 to 16:00