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Completing your application


Read our Frequently Asked Questions below and Access Policy.

The Access Policy will also be sent to you upon submitting a proposal. Read online here


Decide which allocation you're applying for and click the Start button.

Proposal Development: Proposal Development allocations represent a preparatory phase for larger projects, These proposals provide a limited allocation to build a case for a Merit allocation.

Merit: Merit allocations often follow successful completion of Proposal Development allocations. Relevant experience and success in running their codes must be demonstrated on HPC platforms prior to receiving a Merit allocation. These can only be submitted when there is an open Call for Applications, see the calls timetable for more information

Postgraduate: For research projects of postgraduate students.

Institution: For institutional subscribers.


Fill in proposal application form online.

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Your proposal will be reviewed.

A member of NeSI will be in contact to discuss next steps. If you have any questions in the meantime please use our support form.

Frequently Asked Questions: "See Support for more details"

My project isn't big enough

Please have a look through our Projects page as a guide. If you are unsure about whether your proposal is appropriate for HPC, please submit an application to the Proposal Development allocation class. This allocation class is specifically designed for projects that are investigating the suitability of HPC resources. The national NeSI team will be happy to work with you to discuss how HPC resources may be used to progress your research.

Our team has never used HPC

NeSI is committed to research excellence. This means that we have a responsibility to support researchers who have less confidence. Each of the sites has a structured workflow bringing researchers into the fold.

We recognise that many potential users of HPC in New Zealand don’t have experience on large scale facilities. We hope to work together to give you access to the best of New Zealand’s computational platforms

I have a commercial project

If you would like to apply for an allocation towards a commercial project please contact us directly to discuss access arrangements.

Where can I get further help

In the first instance, get in touch via our contact form.

NeSI will also hold virtual office hours during each call. This will be a few hours where members of the NeSI team are available to discuss queries related to access. If you will like to know more about our virtual office hours, do let us know via our contact form.