National Platforms Framework

NeSI maintains a National Platforms Framework which outlines the nature of NeSI’s investments into platform infrastructure. The framework is reviewed annually ensuring that we are making strategically-driven investments which will benefit the New Zealand research community as it grows and its needs diversify.

Read the full NeSI National Platforms Framework here or download the pdf: PDF icon National Platforms Framework 2015 Revision.pdf

The National Platforms Framework 2015 revisions are as follows:

NeSI National Platforms Framework (2015 revision)
  1. Use capacity planning to determine requirements for operational Cloud-burst service by 30 June 2016
  2. Decommission University of Canterbury platforms by 30 June 2016
  3. Optimise and sustain fit-for-purpose use of the existing infrastructure
  4. Recruit a Data Analytics expert by 30 June 2016
  5. Agree Data Services strategy and feed into platform design by 30 June 2016
  6. Design platform solutions that will enable NeSI to meet its Goals and Objectives, and develop Requests for Proposals for both Capacity and Capability systems by 15 July 2016
  7. Issue Request for Proposals by 30 July 2016
    1. Initial responses due 15 October 2016
    2. Best and final offers due 15 November 2016
    3. Select successful vendor(s) by 30 December 2016
  1. Decommission Pan and FitzRoy by 30 July 2017
  2. Contracting, installation, acceptance testing, in production by 30 June 2017 with user training in July 2017
  3. Optimise and ensure fit-for-purpose use of the new platforms
  4. Optimise data services
  1. Optimise and sustain fit-for-purpose use of the existing infrastructure
  2. Review platform investments to inform future investment plans