Partners & Pricing

NeSI is a national research infrastructure investment providing advanced research computing capabilities to enable the New Zealand research system. NeSI has rich experience and world class capabilities in high performance computing and data science engineering focused on powering New Zealand's science.


NeSI is open to working with public and private organisations involved in research, and has a range of ways of engaging to support shared goals:

Collaboration: NeSI is founded in collaboration, and is always open to discussion on opportunities to extend and enrich its network of Collaborators.

NeSI's Collaborators own the core infrastructure assets, which NeSI has a key role in designing, procuring, and operating for the wider research system. NeSI's team members are all employees at one of its Collaborator institutions. NeSI operates as a national team supporting and enabling research across the full range of activites of New Zealand's pubilc and private research ecosystem. NeSI's Collaborators access common national services and receive a return on investment in proportion to their contributions to NeSI.

Partnership: NeSI partners with research communities and institutions to offer its high performance computing and data science engineering expertise and capabilities to underpin their research strategies and goals.

NeSI manages these partnerships in a collective impact model of partnership, optimising outcomes and impact from working together on shared goals supported by NeSI's full range of services. NeSI establishes partnerships with research user communities via a subscription for access to a range of services and capabilities. NeSI supports a range of partnerships to support technology transfer into the New Zealand research system.



NeSI is a collaboration between:

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NeSI partners with a range of research communities and institutions to build high performance computing and data science research capabilities within the New Zealand research system. NeSI has active partnerships in place with the following organisations:

  • Cray - a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, combines computation and creativity so you can keep asking what if, why not, and what's next
  • Genomics Aotearoa - a collaborative research platform for genomics and bioinformatics
  • Globus - a non-profit platform for secure, reliable research data management
  • Livestock Improvement Corporation - a co-operative that is making the New Zealand dairy industry more prosperous and productive
  • Massey University
  • The Carpentries (Platinum Partner) - a global community of instructors, trainers, maintainers, helpers, and supporters who share a mission to teach foundational computational and data science skills to researchers
  • QuakeCoRE - New Zealand Centre for Earthquake Resilience

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NeSI has a range of options for accessing its services and building your research capabilities.


The following standard pricing covers NeSI's core service offerings:

ServicesPublic sector &
Not for profit
Computational science consultancy (per hour)$150.00$300.00
Mahuika & Māui HPC core hours (per CPU core hour)$0.05$0.07
P100 GPU hours (per GPU hour)$0.35$0.40
A100 GPU hours (per GPU hour)$0.90$1.00
Nearline long-term storage ( per Terabytes per year)$30.00$37.50
National Data Transfer Platform membership & node (per year)$2000.00$P.O.A.

Last updated May 2021 - prices are subject to change


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Subscribe to NeSI's services and receive the following benefits:

  • Managed entitlements on NeSI's services for your research projects and programmes
  • Personalised service support for research projects and programmes
  • Service governance support from NeSI's team
  • Targeted support for building researcher skills and capabilities to enable your research goals
  • Advice and partnership on advanced research computing strategies and collaboration on shared goals.